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Basement Waterproofing Patent

The only company in the area with a patented multi-step system that prevents water coming into your home first.

Everdry waterproofing systems provide homeowners with a variety of benefits that increase the property value of a home. Moisture in a home’s basement or foundation can cause problems such as mold, mildew, musty odor, damp spots and peeling paint. These problems can lead to an unhealthy living environment.

The Everdry Multi-step system is a complete solution that includes both indoor and outdoor systems to prevent water damage and keep water from damaging a home’s foundation.
The Modern Drainage System® is the outside waterproofing system that takes care of surface water and moisture that enters from foundation walls. There are three steps to installing this drainage system:

1. An inspection trench is dug against the outside wall where the foundation meets the dirt.
2. Any cracks that are found are sealed to prevent water from entering the foundation.
3. A drainage system is then installed to move surface water away from the foundation.

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The Pressure Relief System® is an inside waterproofing system that handles hydrostatic pressure that exists under a basement. This pressure can cause water seepage leading to discoloration and mold, or to cracks in the floors and walls. The inside system includes a pressure relief pump and piping that releases water in the walls. Coveplate® and Durashield® products are also available if needed.

Ventilation and humidity issues of basements and crawl spaces are addressed by the installation of the EZBreathe® ventilation system.
Power outages and pump failures are resolved by the installation of the SmartPower™ Emergency Pumping System.

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