Signs You Should Be Concerned About Mold In Your Home Marietta, GA

Many people believe that mold is something that you should only expect to find in bathrooms, kitchens and basements. They don’t think that mold can be a problem in any other part of the home. Mold Removal | Marietta, GA | Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta

Mold can actually occur in any part of your home that has moisture. This includes your windows and window sills.

Is window mold worth worrying about?

Are there dark spots on your window and window sills? This is most likely black mold. Window mold is a common occurrence in homes with windows sills or window frames made out of wood. The mold does not grow on the glass as this is an inorganic material. However, it grows on the windowsill or window frame which it uses as a source of food.

Often, mold occurs on windows as a result of not dusting the windows regularly. This allows mold spores from other parts of the home to settle on the window and thrive undisturbed. The growth of mold is aided by the presence of moisture on the window. This moisture may have accumulated on the window frame as a result of high levels of humidity in the home or moisture entering the home from the outdoors, e.g. if the window is cracked or was left open, moisture would enter the home on a rainy day.

Like mold in any other part of the home, mold that occurs on your window frame should be a source of concern. This mold can cause serious health problems. It can also cause structural damage to the window. It is therefore important to invest in mold removal services to ensure that you not only get rid of the mold on the window but also in any other part of the home. Mold Removal | Marietta, GA | Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta

How can you prevent mold from growing on your window?

Following mold removal, it is important to work towards preventing another mold infestation. This requires constant effort.

You should clean your windows regularly. Simply wiping the window down every week with a clean damp cloth will help to get rid of dust accumulated on the window frame and window sill. You can clean the window frame and window sill with warm soapy water every month to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.

Be sure to wipe down any moisture as soon as you notice it. You should also seek ways to keep humidity levels in your home at a healthy level, e.g. by investing in a dehumidifier.

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