battery backup system

Sump Pump Battery Backup System: Ultimate Home Protection Against Floods

Battery Backup System

One of the biggest investments you can make in life is buying or building your own home. This is the major asset most people start saving for, right from their first job. It goes without saying then that you need to proactively care for your home considering the sacrifices that have gone into owning it. Continue reading

basement mold

Improve the Health of Your Home by Dealing with Basement Mold in Sandy Springs GA

Basement Mold in Sandy Springs GA

How clean is your home? This is a question that every homeowner has a ready answer. Your home is a safe sanctuary to retire to after a long day. It is the cleanest space you can find and it helps you relax and unwind. Well, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t think so. A report by the EPA says indoor air could be 100X more polluted than the worse air outside. Continue reading

basement waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing: Why This is the Most Important Home Improvement Idea

Basement Waterproofing

One of the toughest tasks when it comes to home improvement is basement maintenance. The main problem with this living space is the location, which makes it susceptible to water entry from the surface and below the ground. For most homeowners, neglecting this living space seems like the best idea. Continue reading

foundation repair

The StablWall System: Why this the Ultimate Solution in Foundation Repair in Acworth GA

Foundation Repair in Acworth GA

Foundation cracks are the worst nightmare a homeowner can experience. However, the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) says over 60% of new homes experience such problems within the first 7 years. There are many causes of foundation damage including age, poor construction, settling of the house, water issues among others. Whatever the cause of foundation damage, it is important for foundation repair to start immediately. Continue reading


The Basics of Mudjacking an Uneven Pavement

Mudjacking Basics

When faced with a sinking sidewalk, set of steps, patio or foundation, most homeowners will resort to tearing down the slab and having a new one poured. This requires a great deal of money and is a time consuming and labor intensive process. Mudjacking has emerged as a great substitute to slab replacement. It involves the lifting of the sunken slab by pumping slurry under it to bring it to level ground. It is fast and more affordable. Continue reading

water seepage

Dealing with Different Sources of Water Seepage

Water Seepage

Water seepage is not an uncommon occurrence. It doesn’t mean that you are in for a disaster or that your foundation is about to collapse. It simply means that nature and time are working on your foundation and it is succumbing to the pressure. Continue reading

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