dry rot

How to Deal With Dry Rot in Your Basement

Dry Rot

Most homeowners confess struggling to maintain their basements. In most cases, these spaces are neglected and this causes even more problems. Dry rot has been cited by the Basement Health Association (BHA) as the most pervasive problem caused by neglect of basement spaces. If you are a homeowner, you might be sitting on a time bomb in case this kind of problem has attacked wood surfaces in your basement. Continue reading

battery backup system

3 Things You Need To Know About Battery Backup System in Sandy Springs GA

Battery Backup System in Sandy Springs GA

If your home is prone to flooding, you must have been advised to install a sump pump. In fact, contractors today are advising all property owners with basement or crawl spaces in their structures to invest in these waterproofing solutions. A sump pump system provides a first line of defense during floods as the water level rises.  The system collects water into a pit and the pump drives away from the basement floor. Continue reading

cracked foundation

Buying a Home with a Cracked Foundation in Acworth GA

Cracked Foundation in Acworth GA

So, you’ve found the perfect house. The one that you’ve been dreaming of since you determined that you want to be a homeowner. There’s only one problem: It has a cracked foundation. Should you go ahead and buy it? How can you determine just how bad the damage is? Is it worth investing in? Continue reading

foundation repair

What You Should Know about Foundation Repair with Carbon Fiber

Foundation Repair with Carbon Fiber

Are you facing problems with your foundation? Is your foundation cracked, bowing or shifting? It is important to contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as you notice signs of failure in your foundation. It is also a good idea to learn more about the different solutions available for the repair of foundations. Continue reading


Benefits of Mudjacking vs. Replacing


Lots of structures are made using concrete today. Patios, basement floors, sidewalks, garage floors and driveways are just a few examples of areas in the home that feature a concrete slab. In some instances, these structures begin to sink into the ground. This can result in serious structural problems and pose a safety hazard. Continue reading

basement waterproofingBasement Waterproofing

You’ve done your research and narrowed down your choices. Now, it’s time to hire a contractor for basement waterproofing. By this time, you already know that not all contractors are the same. The problem is how to know which one you should choose. The following are some questions that you should ask the contractors you’re considering before you make a choice:
Continue reading

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Atlanta GA

crawl space waterproofingCrawl Space Waterproofing in Atlanta GA

If you want the best results for crawl space waterproofing, you will have to completely seal off the space. This is known as crawl space encapsulation. Waterproofing contractors use a waterproof membrane to seal off the space from the outside. Nothing can get in or out of the space as long as the barrier is not compromised. Continue reading

Water Seepage Myth – Keeping Water Out by Sealing Basement Floor and Wall Gap

water seepageWater Seepage

When basements experience water seepage, one of the first places people check is the cove joint. This is the point at which the basement and the wall meet. This is because it is a common site for leaks and seepage of ground water into basements. Continue reading

Experience the Full Benefits of a Finished Basement with Durashield in Sandy Springs GA

durashieldDurashield in Sandy Springs GA

For many of us, the mention of the word basement conjures images of a dark and dunk hole in the ground. This is because many homes still have unfinished basements. Many people think of their basements as places to store unwanted or unused items. Others are discovering the full benefits of finished basements with Durashield. Continue reading