Expert Foundation Repair, Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing, & Crawl Space Encapsulation

The only company in the area with a patented multi-step system that prevents water coming into your home first.

Everdry waterproofing systems provide homeowners with a variety of benefits that increase the property value of a home. Moisture in a home’s basement or foundation can cause problems such as mold, mildew, musty odor, damp spots and peeling paint. These problems can lead to an unhealthy living environment.

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Customer Reviews

“Flood of 2009 left 2 inches of water in my basement. For several years, every hard rain would leave more water for me to scoop/vacuum up. In 2012, I had Everdry put in a sump system and “J-Dam ” drain outside. It has been 100{9016b2c33360de43aa91cb04167a4edc626b70e28a73e91794c522eb976cd43d} dry ever since. The crew worked hard, inside and out . The proposed 5 day install took 4 days. The sump pump and Battery sticks up about a foot or so, but it is easily hidden from normal view yet accessible for inspection. Last week, I was in my renovated office, and it was raining hard. I heard the trickle of water, and the sump pump came on to evacuate the water. Awesome no more worries.” – Buddy W.

“The entire Everdry experience was very positive. The sales rep came to the house and explained in detail what was involved with the whole process. He walked with us around and through the affected areas of the house and crawl space. The installation crew and foreman arrived on schedule and completed their work quickly and neatly. We are pleased with the work, and given the amount of rain we have had this year, we are mold, mildew and moisture free. I would highly recommend Everdry to everyone with the highest 5 star rating.” – Dennis F.

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