3 Sneaky Signs You Have Basement Moisture Problems in Your Home

When you think of water problems in your basement, chances are if you are like most homeowners you think about mold growing on the walls and puddles of water on the floor. The thing is, basement moisture is not always as apparent as what most people think. In fact, moisture could be creeping into your home without you even knowing that there is a problem. Here are a few downright sneaky signs that you have water making its way inside of your home.

High Humidity Levels in the Home

One thing you may not realize about a basement that is allowing seeping moisture to sneak in, is the fact that this can change the humidity levels in your home. Over time this will of course lead to mildew, rust, and maybe even mold issues. But, in the beginning, you will probably not notice anything.

Appliances Not Properly Functioning

From your HVAC unit to your washer, high levels of hidden moisture can wreak havoc on certain home appliances You may have a difficult time lighting the pilot light on a gas hot water heater or notice that your washer is making more noise than usual.

Spalling of Bricks and Concrete Surfaces

You may not initially see the moisture, but if you see signs of spalling, you will definitely know it is there. Spalling is what happens when moisture inside of concrete or brick causes it to expand. The surface will either seem to swell out or the outer layers will flake off.

To find basement moisture, you may have to take an investigative approach. This may mean you will have to contact us here at Everdry Basement Waterproofing for help, which is something we will be happy to provide.