Smart Power™ Battery Backup is an unique solution for protecting your home from water and flood damage. During power outages, it is important to protect your home from unwanted water. When storms and rolling blackouts leave you without power, water can enter your home at alarming speeds. Smart Power is a powerful battery backup solution that can prevent devastating damage.

Smart Power™ is an advanced battery backup system that will keep your home dry during power outages. Two models are available — the Smart Power 2000 and 3000. Smart Power is superior to other battery backup systems for a number of reasons, including it:

Battery Backup System
  • Has a pumping capacity of 2,200-3,500 GPH
  • Runs intermittently for 3-8 days on a single charge
  • Has a seperate dedicated line to move 2x as much water in a shorter amount of time
  • Automatically switches to battery power when power goes down
  • Operates as 2nd pump during times of heavy water intake
  • Recharge automatically once AC power returns
  • Checks battery & power conditions at all times
  • Has own Alarm System
  • Runs on both AC and battery power
  • Pumps and charges at the same time

The damage from just one back-up flood can cost thousands of dollars in repairs and greatly decrease the value of your home. Smart Power™ Battery Backup will help ensure that your home is protected from flooding and water damage even during times with no power.