4 Factors That Increase Your Need For Basement Waterproofing – Atlanta, GA

Are you wondering whether you need to invest in basement waterproofing or not? If you’re affected by any of the following factors, you should contact a waterproofing contractor as soon as possible.

  1. Extreme weather conditions

Basement flooding is often the result of extreme weather conditions such as rainstorms and hurricanes. Water is likely to pool around your foundation under such conditions. If you haven’t invested in basement waterproofing, water is likely to leak into your basement.

If you want to protect your home from the flooding, get in touch with a waterproofing contractor to begin the waterproofing before storm season comes around.

  1. Poorly graded landscape

The grade of a property refers to the overall slope of the landscape. This is a vital factor when it comes to foundations. Your property should slope away from the foundation. This will ensure that water will flow away from the foundation.

If your landscape slopes towards your foundation, you will find that water flows toward your foundation after a downpour. This will result in water pooling around the foundation and eventual foundation failure.

A waterproofing contractor will help you solve the problem. They will ensure that the land is graded in the right direction to prevent flow of water toward your foundation.

  1. Clay soils

Clay soil consists of tiny particles. When it rains, these particles take up water. The particles expand in proportion to the amount of water they take in. Clay soils are known to retain a lot of water. The particles of the soil take up a lot of water especially during a storm. The particles therefore expand to many times their original size.

The expansion of the soil’s particles results in pressure being exerted against the wall of the foundation. This in turn results in foundation failure and water seepage.

During the dry season, the soil particles lose water through evaporation. The particles shrink and the soil contracts. The foundation walls lose their support resulting in foundation failure.

The above can be prevented by a waterproofing contractor. They can help you by ensuring proper backfilling and drainage of your foundation.

  1. Sewer backups

A sewer backup can turn into a home emergency when your basement is not waterproof. Sewage can flood your basement causing a health and safety concern for your household, not to mention a stink. You can prevent this type of damage to your home by ensuring that your basement is waterproof.