4 Mold Remediation Myths You Should Know Marietta, GA

4 Mold Remediation Myths You Should Know Marietta, GA

What do you do when your bread becomes moldy? You probably throw it out. Most people know what to do with moldy food. But they’re not quite sure about how to deal with mold in their homes. One of the biggest challenges that homeowners face when it comes to mold remediation is the volume of misinformation they come across when trying to determine the best action to take. If you’re fighting a mold infestation, the following are some myths you should look out for.mold-remediation-marietta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-1

  1. Mold  only grows in the basement

Basements are prone to high humidity and moisture infiltration. This provides the ideal environment for mold growth. It is therefore not uncommon for mold infestations to begin in the basement. You may notice visible signs of infestation such as dark spots or a musty smell. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that these mold infestations remain in the basement. Mold spores are circulated in the air that rises from your basement into the upper levels of your home. This results in colonies being established in other parts of your home.

  1. You should only worry about the dangerous mold strains

Many people are aware of the dangers of exposure to toxic black mold. They are therefore often willing to invest in mold remediation if they see signs of black mold such as black spots. However, there are a wide variety of mold strains and many of them can cause severe health problems. No mold infestation features a single mold strain. Infestations often feature various strains. It is therefore important to get rid of mold as soon as you notice the signs of an infestation.mold-remediation-marietta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-2

  1. Getting rid of mold only means getting rid of visible signs of an infestation

Many people think that they have dealt with an infestation when they get rid of the visible signs of a mold infestation such as dark spots. While cleaning is an important part of mold remediation it isn’t the end-all. Remediation aims to deal with hidden sources of mold too. This includes filtering mold spores out of the air and getting rid of mold growing in porous materials such as insulation. Failure to get rid of hidden mold will result in repeat infestations.

  1. A small mold infestation is no big deal

Have you spotted what seems like a small infestation? This is most likely the tip of the iceberg. Don’t ignore this infestation. It will most likely spread to other parts of your home. If you notice a small infestation, have your home inspected to determine how severe the problem is.

Have you fallen victim to any of the mold remediation myths outlined above?

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