4 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry And Healthy, GA

4 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry And Healthy, GA

Contrary to popular belief, basements aren’t meant to be dark and dump spaces. Like any other part of your home, your basement should be clean and smell fresh. Many homeowners miss out on the opportunity to maximize the space in their home simply because they ignore their basements. Keeping your basement fresh is a great way to increase usable space in your home. Your basement will provide you with many options for use. 

If your basement is already damp and dirty, you may be wondering where to start. The following are tips to help you keep your basement fresh. 

1- Clear out the clutter 

Many of us use our basements to store items we don’t use often. Out of sight is out of mind. Basement Waterproofing | Atlanta, GA | Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta However, our basements soon become cluttered and we simply can’t be bothered to clean them out. If you want to maximize your home’s floor space, you will need to start by clearing out your basement. 

A word of caution here is necessary. If your basement is flooded, it is best to call a professional basement waterproofing contractor right from the start. They will ensure safe clearing out of your basement. 

2- Waterproof your basement 

One of the most important steps to take to keep your basement fresh is basement waterproofing. Waterproofing will keep your basement dry by preventing water from accumulating in the space. It will also prevent the penetration of noxious ground gases. 

Contact a waterproofing professional and consider different waterproofing solutions for your basement. You may need to use a combination of solutions to ensure your basement remains dry. 

3- Keep the pests out 

Pest feces, fur, and urine can cause your basement to smell. They can also be the breeding groundbasement-waterproofing-system-atlanta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-3 for bacteria and mold. It is therefore important to keep pests out of your basement. 

Inspect your basement for places where pests can penetrate the basement. Plug up holes and repair basement windows and doors to eliminate any entry points. 

4- Keep your basement ventilated 

An easy way to ensure your basement stays fresh is to ensure that it is well-ventilated. This could be as simple as opening a window every now and then to let fresh air in and stale air out of your basement.

Basement Waterproofing professionals can help you maximize the space in your home. Be sure to contact a professional to help you waterproof your basement and keep it fresh and usable.