5 Overlooked Causes of a Wet Basement Marietta, GA

 5 Overlooked Causes of a Wet Basement Marietta, GA

In a perfect world, all basements would remain dry and free of moisture. But, that’s not a reality for many homeowners. Wet basements can lead to a plethora of foundation and structural issues. If you have bowed basement walls, you need to diagnose the problem before you come up with a solution. Here are the most common culprits: Bowed Basement Walls | Marietta, GA | Everdry Atlanta.2

1. A cracking foundation

Cracks in the walls are very common, especially if you live in an older home. While many cracks are cosmetic in nature, others point to foundation issues. When water puts pressure on the foundation, it can lead to cracking. You may even notice moisture around the baseboards. If you also have bowed walls, there is a very good chance these foundation cracks will eventually lead to even more headaches.

2. Mold Patches

A mold problem can get out of hand in the blink of an eye. Wherever you find mold, you’ll also find a water source. If you notice mildew on your basement walls, you need to spring into action right away. Besides looking bad, mold can also lead to an array of health problems including allergies and asthma. Remediating the problem will not only keep your family feeling well, but it will also prevent wall damage.

3. Rotting wood

There is wood in most basements. You may have wood baseboards, flooring, staircases, or window casings. Remember that wood and water don’t mix. Damp wood eventually rots away, putting the structure of your home at risk. When you find dry rot, replace the damaged wood immediately, and make sure you also locate the source of the water.

4. Puddles of water

Unless you accidentally spill a cup, you shouldn’t find any water seepage in your basement. If you discover water around the perimeter, you may have advanced foundation problems. You may also notice a buckling floor or bowed basement walls around the puddles. It’s only a matter of time before the walls collapse. To keep your home standing, you need to repair your foundation right away.
Bowed Basement Walls | Marietta, GA | Everdry Atlanta.3

5. A glimmer of rust

Inspect any metal fixtures in your basement for signs of rust. You may find metal around the furnace, sinks, commode, or lighting. Rust forms whenever water and metal oxidize. Once again, you need water for this chemical reaction to occur. Finding rust in your basement most likely means you have moisture coming in through the floor or walls.

Wet basements can lead to a number of foundation issues. Some homeowners may notice small wall cracks, while others may have bowed basement walls. In the worst-case scenario, your entire foundation could shift. When that happens, your home may collapse under the pressure. If you find signs of water damage or leaking in your basement, you must stop the water and repair your foundation as soon as possible.

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