5 Reasons to Count on a Contractor for Crawl Space Waterproofing in Acworth GA

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Acworth GA

Does your home feature a crawl space? Most likely you have read about this space, but it has never occurred to you that your foundation could also have this troublesome aspect of construction. The National Association of Realtors (NAR®) says over 83% of home buyers want to know if there is a basement or crawl space before buying, which shows you must start thinking about crawl space waterproofing.

Focus on Moisture Problems

The main focus when dealing with this space is moisture leakage. Most of these foundations have an earth floor and this makes it easy for ground water to seep from below. Foundation cracks caused by poor construction or house settling will also allow surface water to seep into your crawl space. Such moisture not only poses a health risk due to mold growth but also compromises the strength of your foundation.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

A certified contractor will help you reduce water damage in these spaces through crawl space waterproofing solutions. During floods, such leaks can compromise the entire structure and this is one major reason to bank on the expertise offered by these experts. There are more practical reasons for using a foundation contractor for the project. Take a look:

  1. Technical expertise: It is true there are DIY solutions such as epoxy injection kits in the market, but these are barely effective. Before waterproofing, these experts will diagnose moisture sources and work towards remediation before finally applying a suitable waterproofing solution.
  2. Appropriate equipment: Waterproofing can be a dangerous affair especially when you have to deal with mold growth. These experts have the right tools to strengthen your foundation and avoid further hydrostatic pressure. Applying solutions such as crawl space insulation requires specialized equipment.
  3. Licensing and insurance: If you try working on your crawl space, you might make things worse. A professional crawl space waterproofing contractor has workers and general liability insurance to cover any problems during the project.
  4. Convenience: Working with a contractor makes things easy for you. Once they give a free quote after examining the problem, they will start on the project without bothering with the rest of the property. Within no time, they will be done and only follow-up will be done to ascertain the success of the waterproofing technique.
  5. The range of solutions: An established contractor offers a wide range of solutions including sump pump installation, interior pipe drainage, vapor barrier and insulation among others. They are also aware of innovative solutions emerging in the industry.

Your lovely home could be devastated by a problem that you don’t even know exists. It is time to call a crawl space waterproofing contractor to check whether this space poses any danger to your property. It can avert a lot of financial agony in the future.