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Avoid Cheap Crawlspace Waterproofing

When homeowners are faced with a wet crawl space, the first thing many of them think about is how expensive it will be to not only clean their crawl space, but also waterproof it. The truth is that professional crawlspace waterproofing is not cheap. The problem is that many people look for ways to save a buck and end up regretting it.

Reasons to avoid cheap crawlspace waterproofing

There are many contractors out there that advertise cheap waterproofing services. While the wise homeowner will avoid paying too much for waterproofing, it is even worse to pay too little for these services. The repercussions of the cheap services will be felt for much longer than the joy of having saved a few hundred dollars.

Investing in cheap services will expose you to various problems including the following.

  1. The use of poor quality materials

Professional waterproofing contractors base their rates on the cost of the materials they use as well as the labor involved in the waterproofing job. Those contractors that offer unbelievably cheap services often have to cut some corners.

One of the easiest places to cut corners is in using poor quality materials. These materials are cheap because they don’t offer the same performance as the more expensive materials. They may provide you with great results in the short term. However, they are likely to fail after a short while. You will therefore be back to where you started and in need of waterproofing services once again.

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  1. No or poor warranty

Many homeowners who opt for these cheap services often don’t take the time to read their warranties carefully. In most cases, contractors offering very cheap services will not include comprehensive warranties. This often means that you will have to meet the cost of repairing the crawlspace in case of failure out of your pocket.

  1. The expense of rework

With failure of the crawlspace once again, you will have to pay for a contractor to repair it in order to avoid moisture problems. You will therefore spend much more than you thought you’d save.

  1. Even worse problems

In some cases, the cheap contractor may not address various issues that are causing problems within the crawlspace. They may offer you a band aid solution in order to cut costs. This will only result in even worse problems. It is important to address the root cause of the moisture problems as part of crawlspace waterproofing.

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