Avoid Wood Framed Egress Windows Atlanta, GA

Are you planning to have your egress windows replaced? It may be that you’re planning to convert your basement into a living space. It may simply be that you want to upgrade your basement windows and bring them up to standard. Whatever your reasons for having new egress windows installed, it is important to take time when selecting the window system to install.

You will have various choices when it comes to window systems. It is important to carefully consider the construction of the windows and the materials used for the windows. Wood offers an attractive frame on any window. However, they may not be the best choice for your basement for various reasons. Egress Windows | Atlanta, GA | Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta

Why you should avoid windows with wooden frames

While windows with wooden frames can be safely installed in any other part of the home, the basement offers its unique challenges. It is a unique environment that requires windows that are designed to withstand the tough conditions they will be exposed to.

It is not advisable to install windows with wooden frames because they:

  1. Will need continual maintenance

Regular maintenance of the window frames will be required. This includes painting the exterior of the windows to ensure that they continue to look presentable as well as to protect the wood from rot. This should be done at least every 5 years. This can be expensive and time-consuming.

  1. Will be damaged by pests and mold

Because the windows are installed close the ground, they will be exposed to mold growth and pests such as carpenter ants, termites and other insects. The wooden frames will become damaged when exposed to these threats. The frame will become weak as it is eaten away. You will soon have to replace your window.

  1. Have a short lifespan

Egress windows are exposed to the elements. The wooden frames will be exposed to more water, humidity and mud than the other windows in your home. The frame is therefore most likely to rot and succumb to other damage more quickly than other window systems. You will therefore soon have to replace the windows. This will be expensive in the long run.

For the best results with the replacement of your basement windows, choose a window system that is specifically designed for installation in these spaces. These windows are built to withstand exposure to the elements as well as other issues. You won’t have to replace these windows any time soon.

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