A Comprehensive Guide on Sump Pump Problems in Sandy Springs GA

Sump Pump Problems in Sandy Springs GA

If there is one waterproofing system that is gravely overlooked, it has to be a basement sump pump. Yet, for all reasons, this happens to be one of the most critical home improvement units. It prevents flooding by always staying alert when ground water levels rise.

Potential Dangers

As such, sump pump problems in Sandy Springs GA must be resolved promptly. With the current unpredictable weather patterns, your household might soon be grappling with a devastating flooding problem if the sump pump is not working efficiently.

As the home owner, you need to have an idea of your pump functioning in order to call in an expert to correct any issues when they arise.

Here are 6 of the common problems you might encounter:

1. Failure to move any water:

In most of these cases, the pump will be humming as usual but with no corresponding function. Problems causing this failure range from insufficient power, thermal overload, defective floating switch, air locked pump and damaged impeller, among others. A licensed contractor will easily diagnose and correct this problem.

2. Failure to start:

It is one of the most common sump pump problems in Sandy Springs GA and can be caused by a stuck float switch, which is not raised enough, has low power input, is a defective pump or, there are obstructions to the impeller.

3. Water hammering:

A noisy pump is an irritating nuisance to your household. The problem could be a loose discharge pipe rattling against the wall or vibrations of the pump due to a faulty impeller. A quiet check valve might be recommended by a qualified plumber though other corrective measures can also be used.

4. Pump burnout:

This might not be common because these systems are durable. However, ignoring minor issues such as a faulty switch, underpowered system and overloading your pump will eventually force it to give in. This will in turn call for an overhaul of the system by an experienced professional.

5. Plugged screen:

This is another common issue that occurs when continued depositing of debris in the screen leads to blockage. Again, only a well-trained plumber can unclog the screen as they have the tools and skills to do this efficiently.

6. Blown circuit breaker or fuse:

GFCI circuit breakers are vulnerable to blowing when water seeps into the switch or cord connector. If the impeller jams due to clogging, the fuse will most likely blow and the problem is also if your wiring to the outlet cannot support the load.

Dealing with sump pump problems in Sandy Springs GA calls for technical expertise and specialized tools which only an established contractor can offer. As such, call an expert to diagnose and correct your pump issues to save time and money, while also ensuring your safety.