Crawlspace Waterproofing Contractor’s Liability Sandy Springs, GA

Crawlspace Waterproofing Contractor’s Liability

So you decided to contract a professional for crawlspace waterproofing. That was a good move. However, someone got hurt on the job. Who should be held liable; you or the contractor?

Crawlspace waterproofing contractors often take precautions to ensure the safety of their teams and anyone on the property while they work on the crawlspace. However, accidents can still happen despite the precautions taken. When they do happen, determining who is responsible as well as who should pay for any attendant costs is important.

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy

It is important to check your insurance policy even before any work begins on your property. Refer to the personal liability section of the policy to find out what is covered by the policy. In most instances, major injuries are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. If they are, there will be fairly low limits. You should therefore not fully depend on your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover injuries that are sustained while work is being carried out on your property.

Check your contractor’s insurance

Before you hire a crawlspace waterproofing contractor, you should check for evidence of insurance coverage. This coverage should include:

Crawlspace Waterproofing | Sandy Springs, GA

  • Liability

This includes cover for bodily injury caused to you or your family. It also includes cover for damage to your property by the contractor.

  • Workers’ compensation

This includes cover for injuries suffered by the contractor or their employees while working on the property. This cover will compensate the injured party for their medical expenses, lost income and much more.

Minimize your risks

Despite all the safety precautions taken by contractors, accidents can happen in a split second. It is therefore important to minimize your risks as far as it is possible.

  1. Hire certified, experienced and insured contractors

Don’t hire just any contractor. Check their credentials. They should be certified and experienced in waterproofing crawlspaces. They should also be fully insured. This will help to minimize the chances of an accident and ensure that you are not held liable if an accident does occur.

  1. Let them use their own equipment

Do not lend the contractor any equipment for the job. They should use their own equipment. If an accident occurs while they are using your equipment, you could be held liable for the accident.

  1. Keep the site clear throughout the project

Keep children and pets away from the project site. Whenever possible, leave your home and allow the workmen to complete the project without interference. Keep away toys and other obstacles to prevent accidents.

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