Considering DIY Basement Waterproofing in Alpharetta GA? Stop for a Minute!

DIY Basement Waterproofing in Alpharetta GA

Now that you have built your dream home, need you worry anymore? The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) says there is so much more to worry about due to foundation perils. Maintaining a concrete foundation should always be at the top of your head because over 60% of new homes experience basement moisture issues within the first three years.

As a home owner, dealing with basement moisture might sound like your usual DIY project but, is it? Your foundation presents the most fundamental support for your home and this is the main reason why only a professional needs to work on it. Still asking for the reasons why you need an expert for your DIY basement waterproofing project? Take a look:

  1. Expertise

If you have been looking for the best waterproofing services you can never go wrong with an old hand. There are many contractors in your town but few can provide the expertise you need.  Experience comes in handy when you are dealing with foundation work because you have certified contractors to help with the local building code and any other regulations.

  1. Resources

It is true you can work on your basement moisture problems through DIY projects but how far can you get? Assume you have a bulging wall and crack; the problem needs more than epoxy  injection and this is where an expert comes in. your contractor has expertise in pier support beams,  carbon fiber strips and other technologies that have evolved which the can apply to remedy your foundation’s problem.

  1. Convenience

Assume you are carrying out a basement waterproofing project? That would mean no more weekend BBQs or other social activities. If you have a basement waterproofing contractor on your project, things get easier because everything is done by a contractor who understands the tools of trade and has the requisite technology.

  1. Cost Consideration

Everyone wants to save a few bucks in home improvement and s this is the truth but at a cost. If you repair your basement walls through epoxy injections the cost might seem negligible but they are not. Consider the cost of further projects that will befall you when your walls crumble due to other underlying issues. In essence, professional services come in handy when you are looking at reliability and affordability.

Yes, DIY might seem like a cool option but look at the long run costs. Isn’t it better to have a professional work on your basement waterproofing and protect your home than risking it with cheap quacks?