Experience the Full Benefits of a Finished Basement with Durashield in Sandy Springs GA

Durashield in Sandy Springs GA

For many of us, the mention of the word basement conjures images of a dark and dunk hole in the ground. This is because many homes still have unfinished basements. Many people think of their basements as places to store unwanted or unused items. Others are discovering the full benefits of finished basements with Durashield.

Why you should finish your basement

  1. It will give you more usable space

Do you think your home isn’t large enough to meet your current needs? You may have a new addition to the family or need more space for hobbies or family time. Many homeowners will look outside the home for the answer to the problem. They will invest in a shed or an extension to the house. Some may even sell the house and move into a bigger one.

However, the answer could be right under your nose, literally. If you finish your basement, you can turn it into a usable space. You can use the space for practically anything including a family room, a guest room or even a home office.

  1. It will increase the value of your home

A finished basement means a greater square footage for your home. This will add great value to your home. Should you decide to sell your home, you can expect a greater bottom line.

  1. It will improve energy efficiency of the house

Finishing the basement means adding insulation just as you would to any other room in the home. This will result in greater efficiency when heating or cooling the home. You’ll save money in the long run in your energy bills.

Finishing your basement for best results

One of the major challenges faced by homeowners who want to finish their basements is the waterproofing. Finishing a basement costs money and if you want to protect your investment, you need to ensure that the basement is completely waterproof.

Durashield is a great choice for assurance that your investment will remain safe. It creates a vapor barrier. This prevents moisture from penetrating into the basement. It is versatile and can be used on any type of foundation including clay, stone, and brick.

Durashield also acts as insulation. It will turn your home into that cozy nook that you were hoping for. The smooth and clean finish that it provides will make the basement the most favorite room in the house.

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