Foundation Repair Misconceptions You Need to Avoid | Alpharetta, GA

Have you spotted some cracks in your foundation? Like many homeowners, you may be apprehensive about foundation repair. This is understandable with so many myths about repairs on foundations going round. However, that’s all they are; myths. You would do well to learn what they and avoid them. Some of the most common foundation repair myths include:

1. Foundation repair is expensive

This isn’t always the case. There are many solutions that can be used to repair foundations that are actually quite affordable. Installing carbon fiber straps is one such solution. However, in order to save money on foundation repair, you should act quickly. Inspect your foundation often to identify issues and have them addressed as soon as possible. Catching problems in their early stages will help you avoid having to invest in an expensive and involving repair solution.

2. DIY or hiring a general contractor is adequate

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Don’t make this mistake of thinking that you can handle the repair of your foundation on your own. Hiring a general contractor won’t do either. Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. It’s worth protecting by investing in a professional with the skills and experience to ensure an effective and long-term solution is provided. If you fail to hire a professional repair contractor, chances are that you will experience even more serious problems. You will end up having to call a contractor and paying even more to correct the mistakes you’ve made and the resulting damage.

3. All foundation repairs take days or weeks to complete

Not all types of foundation repair require days or weeks to complete. Installing carbon fiber straps can take an hour or two as there is little prep required. The installation may only require a small team if the area affected is small. You can go back to your normal daily activities thereafter.

4. Foundation repair can make it difficult to sell your home

Many homeowners avoid repairing their foundations as they don’t want to deter potential buyers. They believe that they will be forced to lower their price if the buyer discovers that the home has had issues with the foundation. The truth is that that you would only have to lower the price if there are existing foundation problems. Repairing your foundation before putting the house on the market could, therefore, save you from this. Repairing your foundation in a timely manner is the best way to secure your home and peace of mind. Find the right professional and attend to the issues right away.


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