How to Secure Your Home from Wet Basements and Unwanted Moisture, Atlanta, GA

How to Secure Your Home from Wet Basements and Unwanted Moisture

Dealing with wet basements can be taxing, but you needn’t worry any more. There are many reliable and practical solutions to help keep your basement dry while avoiding further water damage. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Identify the source of the water: To begin the process of stopping a wet basement, you must initially determine what is causing it. Leaky pipes, splits in your foundation walls and inadequate drainage around your home are all likely culprits. Once you have identified where the water is coming from, then you can take action to remedy the issue quickly and efficiently by working with a professional basement contractor
  2. Repair foundation cracks: If your foundation has cracks that are letting water in, there are a few solutions for fixing them. Your contractor can inject epoxy into the cracks and seal it up, or fill the gap with polyurethane foam. Each of these methods is effective. .
  3. Install a sump pump: If your basement is susceptible to flooding, a sump pump can be an effective solution. This device is placed in the floor of the basement and designed to remove water that accumulates within a sump pit. 
  4. Improve drainage: Poor drainage around your home can result in unwelcome water infiltration to your basement. To prevent this, let a wet basements repair expert work on your drainage by installing French drains, downspouts everdry-waterproofing-atlanta-alpharetta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-2 and gutters. This ensures optimal drainage for a dry home!
  5. Install a dehumidifier: Even if you’re not facing a flooded basement, mold and mildew growth caused by high humidity levels can still be an issue in your home. Installing a dehumidifier will help to reduce moisture from the air and ultimately prevent these troubles.
  6. Waterproof the walls: Achieve dryness and peace of mind in your basement by waterproofing the walls. There are several ways to do this, including applying a protective coating, installing drainage boards or utilizing specialized panels. Each method is effective at keeping water out for good!
  7. Consider exterior waterproofing: Are you continually coping with water issues? Perhaps it’s time to contemplate exterior waterproofing, which entails getting a contractor to dig around the edges of your house and insert a membrane to prevent moisture from leaking into your basement.

Wet basements require immediate attention; otherwise, the problem will only worsen and lead to further damage of your home. In order to find the most appropriate solution for you and mitigate any potential harm, it’s essential that you identify precisely what is causing the wetness and work with a professional basement contractor to fix it.