Important Steps To Take Before Finishing A Basement Atlanta, GA

Important Steps To Take Before Finishing A Basement Atlanta, GA

Finishing your basement is a cost-effective way to increase your living space. It is also a great way to increase the value of your home if you should ever decide to put it on the market. While you may be anxious to dive right into the finishing of your basement, there are some crucial steps you need to take before this. These steps mainly involve basement waterproofing and repair. 

Step 1 – Have your property inspected by a waterproofing contractor.

Ensuring your basement stays dry is vital for the finished space. Water seepage can destroy your investment. It can also result in an unhealthy environment. The first step to making the basement a living space involves uncovering any structural and waterproofing issues. basement-waterproofing-atlanta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-1

A professional waterproofing contractor will identify any foundation issues and provide you with solutions. 

Step 2 – Install a drainage system. 

It is important to have a system to collect water and prevent flooding of the basement. A French drain will also reduce hydrostatic pressure against the basement walls and help to prevent wall movement. 

Install a drainage system that includes a sump pump and a backup sump pump. This system will be crucial for keeping your basement dry in the long term. 

Step 3 – Seal the walls.

Concrete walls are porous. It is, therefore, important to prevent moisture from seeping into the basement through the walls. This will help to prevent moisture issues such as rot or mold infestations. basement-waterproofing-atlanta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-2

There are various solutions that basement waterproofing contractors provide for sealing concrete walls from the interior. These include using vapor barriers and much more. Talk to your contractor to learn about the options available and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Step 4 – Seal the floor.

Moisture can also seep upwards through the concrete floor. It is therefore important to also seal the floor and prevent moisture problems. A professional waterproofing contractor can provide you with a solution to seal your concrete floor. Ensure that the option you choose will allow you to finish the floor in the style that you desire when you begin your remodeling project. 

Step 5 – Upgrade your windows

If you’re planning to use your basement as a living space, you will need to upgrade your windows and ensure they meet building code requirements for egress windows. It is also a good idea to invest in larger windows or install a window well to let in more natural light. 

Follow the steps above prior to starting your remodeling project so you can enjoy your finished basement for longer. 

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