How To Prevent A Flooded Basement in Acworth This Winter

Prevent a Flooded Basement in Acworth

When winter begins to set in, it is time to think about how best to protect your basement from flooding. The heavy snow melting is the perfect recipe for a flooded basement in Acworth. In fact, the winter season is probably the worst season for your basement.

Keeping warm and dry is a top priority during the winter season. The last thing you want to do is walk into a basement that is flooded with cold water.

The following are four tips to help you prevent this unpleasant situation:

1. Ensure that your gutters are clean

Your gutters collect rain and water from melted snow on your roof. They direct the water away from your foundation. Making sure that your gutters are clean will ensure that water and snow do not accumulate in them and result in massive flooding when the weather warms up.

Have your gutters inspected and any debris cleared away. You should also ensure that the downspouts of your gutters face away from the foundation of your home. Ensure that the water is guided to a drain that leads away from the home.

2. Clear snow near your home’s foundation

Piles of snow can be a lot of fun especially for kids. However, it can result in a serious problem if allowed to accumulate near your home’s foundations. When the snow melts it will seep into the soil around your basement and eventually penetrate the basement walls resulting in flooding. Large piles of snow can easily melt and form rivers that leak into your home through cracks and other openings.

It is therefore important to keep shoveling the snow as it piles up. Don’t give it the chance to melt and cause havoc.

3. Sump pump

Be sure to check your sump pump before the winter sets in. Your sump pump is important for ensuring that the basement doesn’t flood. Call in an expert to ensure that the sump pump is properly insulated to prevent freezing of water and permanent damage to the pump.

4. Professional assistance

If you notice any leaks or have any other concerns about your basement flooding, be sure to call in a professional. He will assist you by ensuring that your basement is waterproof. He can also help you take further precautionary measures that only professionals working in the industry would know.

Take your time to ensure that your basement doesn’t flood this winter, and you’ll have a warm and cozy winter.