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Are you considering crawlspace waterproofing? You will have the choice of leaving your crawl space vented or fully encapsulated. The following are some reasons to consider sealing off your crawl space completely.

  1. It is an effective way to minimize dampness

Sealing your crawl space will help to reduce the levels of moisture in the space as well as the house above. Crawl spaces that are vented typically allow moisture to enter the space in the air as well as through the soil. If you want to solve your water problems, you should have the space completely sealed off.

  1. It will help to improve energy efficiency

When sealing is done right, it can help you enhance the energy conservation of your home. The sealing will help to improve the insulation in the home. This helps to prevent loss or gaining of heat. Sealing off the crawl space will reflect on your energy bills. You will not only reduce the drafts in your home but also save a lot of money on maintaining a comfortable environment in the home.

  1. It will help you prevent rusting

Are you having a hard time maintaining metal parts that make up your plumbing, electrical or HVAC services? If you’re struggling with corrosion and rusting of the metal parts of these services, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by investing in crawlspace encapsulation.

Encapsulation will help to prevent corrosion and rusting by keeping the crawl space free of moisture. You will not have to worry about the metal parts eroding over time even if you live in an old home that was built before the introduction of modern building codes.

  1. It will help to protect your flooring

Flooring can be expensive to replace.  A crawl space that is vented can result in damage of your floor especially if it is made of wood or other materials that are affected by moisture. Encapsulating the crawlspace will help to prevent damage to your floors. It provides the ultimate protection to parquetted or fine wood floors that can be damaged when persistently exposed to high levels of moisture.

Get expert help

If you’re considering encapsulation for crawlspace waterproofing, speak to a waterproofing contractor. A professional will help ensure that you get the most out of the encapsulation by providing you with durable materials and high-quality workmanship.