Reasons Why Carbon Fiber Foundation Crack Repair Fails Acworth, GA

Reasons Why Carbon Fiber Foundation Crack Repair Fails Acworth, GA

Carbon fiber foundation crack repair offers many benefits. Carbon fiber is durable and has a small footprint. It is also easy to install and is an affordable method for repairing foundation cracks. Carbon fiber straps have become the method of choice for crack repair amongst professional and experienced foundation repair contractors.

It does not mean that things don’t go wrong with carbon fiber foundation crack repair. There are many instances when this type of repair fails. Understanding why carbon fiber fails will help you avoid these instances so you can truly benefit from the installation of carbon fiber in your foundation.

Reasons why carbon fiber foundation crack repair fails

  1. Installing carbon fiber straps on only part of the wall

Carbon fiber straps aim to reinforce walls. When installed properly, they can take pressures of up to 20 000 psi. They are effective at preventing lateral movement of walls as a result of external pressure.

However, if the straps installed are too short, they will not provide the wall with the necessary support. That is because they will have weak spots at either end.

Carbon fiber straps should be installed from the top of the foundation (at the sill plate) to the bottom (the footing) to provide the necessary support to the wall.

  1. Not preparing the surface before installation

Surface prep is essential before installing the carbon fiber straps. Carbon fiber strap manufacturers guide how to make surfaces for the proper installation of the fiber straps. If you fail to prepare the surface properly, the straps are not likely to bond correctly to the surface of the wall. They may peel off after some time.

  1. Installing carbon fiber on walls with extensive lateral movement

Carbon fiber repair is effective on walls that have moved less than two inches. If the wall has moved further than this, it may require some extra support and straightening. It can get done by installing anchor plates or steel-I beams.

There are instances when contractors install both carbon fiber straps and anchor plates. That is an excellent combination for a basement that you intend to finish in the future as neither of these reinforcements will take up precious real estate in your basement.

Take note of the three causes of failure when using carbon fiber straps for repair and avoid them. Hire an experienced contractor to repair your foundation for the best results.

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