Repairing Cracked Foundations – Should You Repair Before Putting Your Home on the Market In Atlanta, GA

Repairing Cracked Foundations – Should You Repair Before Putting Your Home on the Market?

Are you considering selling your home? Real estate increases in value over time. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that you will get market value or better for your home. There are several factors that affect the value of your home. Many of these factors are within your
control. You should therefore do all that you can to ensure you get the best price for your home when you do decide to sell.

Cracked foundations and your home’s value

One of the factors that affect the value of your home is the condition of its foundation. Foundation cracks are often one of the first signs of foundation problems. A damaged foundation can result in issues in various other parts of the home. For example, doors and windows may not close properly or may stick and floors may be uneven. Cracks may also develop in the walls in the upper levels.

Potential buyers will consider the cost of repairing cracked foundations as they determine whether to purchase a home with a cracked foundation. The cracks could be an indication of serious structural problems that could cost thousands of dollars to repair. This is a cost that the future buyer would have to bear. Any buyer that makes an offer on your house will factor in this cost. You can therefore expect offers that are far below your asking price.

Is repairing cracked foundations before selling better for homeowners?

It is important to note that serious buyers often have properties inspected before they make an offer. It will therefore be in your best interests to disclose that the foundation is damaged. However, if you invest in the repair of the foundation prior to putting the house on the market, you won’t have to disclose the damage as you will have already dealt with the problem.

Repairing cracked foundations before placing homes on the market is the best way to get great value for your home. Repairing the cracks sooner rather than later will save you a lot of money. This is money you will recoup in the sale of your property. Repairing the foundation will also help you to sell your property faster and at a higher value than if you didn’t do anything about the cracked foundation.

If you’re planning to sell your home and notice cracks in your foundation, be sure to get in touch with a professional contractor to have your foundation repaired.