Surprising Ways Your Basement and Crawlspace Impacts Your Indoor Air Quality Atlanta, GA

Surprising Ways Your Basement and Crawlspace Impacts Your Indoor Air Quality Atlanta, GA

When you think of indoor air quality, you may think about the living space in your home. Most people ignore the basement or crawlspace. However, it is essential to note that both can impact the indoor air quality of your home. If you use your basement as a living space, the effects of poor indoor air quality in the basement can be an even more significant problem. Some of the ways that unhealthy air can be in your home may surprise you. Indoor Air Quality | Atlanta, GA | Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta

Gasses from the Ground

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is in the ground. If you have cracks in your foundation, radon can come up through the earth and enter your basement or crawl space. Once the air gets into the basement or crawls space, it can rise into your home, as you know, air goes up. Keeping air out of the basement is the way to prevent this. You should have your basement or crawl space inspected to rule out cracks that allow radon to seep.

Mold Loves Moisture

Mold can’t grow without three things, and it needs oxygen, moisture, and food. If you keep things dry, mold cannot grow. Having your basement or crawlspace waterproofed by a professional is the best way to ensure that water gets kept out of the space.

Basement Air Is Usually Unhealthy

Basement air is generally stagnant due to a lack of air circulation. It just sits in the basement without the benefit of fresh air coming in. This unhealthy air can force you to breathe in toxins from the basement. Basement air is notorious for being poor.

Save Some Money

While this next surprise isn’t about your indoor air quality, it is something that you’ll want to know. You could be wasting money on cooling your home. The humidity from the basement or crawl space rises right along with the unhealthy air. The high humidity can raise your cooling costs.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and your family is to have your air quality tested. It will alert you to any problems that should get addressed. Poor air quality can lead to headaches, breathing difficulties, coughs, throat irritation, eye irritation, and much more. If you notice these symptoms when you are in the basement of your house, it’s a pretty good sign that it is the air in your home that is causing them.

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