Top 4 Methods For Professionally Waterproofing A Home Atlanta, GA

Top 4 Methods For Professionally Waterproofing A Home Atlanta, GA

Wet Basements | Atlanta, GA | Everdry Basement Waterproofing AtlantaWet basements are an undesirable feature in any home. The humid environment that is associated with wet basements creates an opportunity for mold to grow. Mold has various harmful effects on health and property.

When it comes health, mold produces harmful volatile organic compounds, which are associated with musty smells and also cause respiratory problems and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. And as regards property, mold can cause notable damage to floors, drywall, ceilings and other structures.

High humidity in your basement can also cause dry rot, peeling paint and sagging ceilings among other effects. Therefore, you should work closely with a dependable basement waterproofing company to get rid of moisture and to prevent seepage of water into the basement. Here are some reliable ways in which your contractor can fix wet basements.

  1. Improving gutters and downspouts

Damaged or poorly installed gutters and downspouts can dump rainwater too close to your house’s foundation or basement walls. When the soil around the basement becomes saturated with water, the water can seep into the basement through cracks in the walls.

The solution to this problem is replacing leaking gutters and adding downspout extensions that will help dump rainwater away from the basement or foundation of your house.

  1. Waterproofing the basement’s walls and floorWet Basements | Atlanta, GA | Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta

A basement waterproofing company will also help you by sealing any crevices in the basement’s walls and floor to prevent seepage of moisture. Cracks in the foundation and basement walls are notorious for causing basements to be wet. Sealing all cracks will help keep your basement dry.

  1. Repairing foundation drainage

If a basement repair technician determines that a significant amount of water seeps into the basement from outside, they will also check whether foundation drainage had been installed to help remove water from the foundation. If the system has been obstructed, they will clear it. If it is not retrievable or not working at all, it will have to be replaced.

  1. Redesigning your landscape

Wet basements can be due to a poorly designed landscape or a landscape that has not been shaped at all. If surface runoff flows towards your house, this can cause your basement to be wet any time it rains.  

Redesigning your landscape will involve redirecting surface runoff so that the water does not get anywhere near your basement or foundation. This will also help eliminate the possibility of the basement getting flooded by water that flows directly into it.

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