Cracked Foundation

Foundation Repair Atlanta, GOYou may be noticing cracks on your walls or floors. These cracks can be hairline or larger depending on the amount of water pressure around the outside of the foundation. You may have noticed moisture or dampness on the floor or walls after a heavy or saturating rain.

Mold/Mildew Build-up

Mold Mildew Atlanta, GAYou may have noticed some mold or mildew forming on the walls. Mold occurs due to a moist, damp environment. Mold and mildew cause such problems as allergies, headaches, sinuses and other health issues.

Dry Rot

Dry Rot Basement Atlanta, GAYou may be noticing dry rot on the walls, baseboards, joists, floor and bottom of a wood staircase. This is due to moisture coming through your walls and floor. This type of fungus is also a major health concern.

Water Seepage

Basement Seepage Atlanta, GAIf you are noticing water seepage, your foundation is at an advance stage and serious future problems could occur like bowing and buckling of the foundation walls and floor. You may begin to notice mold, mildew, musty orders, bugs and insects or even mud after a heavy rain.


Rust Basement Appliances Atlanta, GAYou may have noticed some rust on your furnace or fixtures in the basement. This may occur simply from dampness through your walls and floor.


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