3 Germane Issues About a Humid Basement in Roswell GA 30075

If you have a basement in your home, you will agree it is not the most livable part of the property. Like many other homes, the problem lies in a humid basement in Roswell GA 30075, which creates poor indoor air quality.

These humidity levels rise due to seepage from outside indicating a structural problem. To fully appreciate the gravity of humidity indoors, check these pertinent facts:

  1. Health Hazard

Well, it is not just about air quality, if a study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS) is anything to go by. The risk of contracting respiratory diseases increases by over 67%, according to the study, and if you have kids who like playing in the basement, this is a worrying fact.

The problem arises due to mold growth, which is favored by high humidity levels. Allergic reactions, especially for asthmatic kids, increase. The American Society of Home Inspectors recommend using a contractor to repair the source of the leak in your basement.

  1. Causes of a Leaking Basement

Some of the problems leading to high humidity levels include:

  • Ground water leak
  • Surface flood water seepage through foundation walls.
  • Structural weaknesses on foundation walls including cracks and leaks.
  • Poorly fixed gutters which might also be blocked forcing water to move along the walls.
  • Poor exterior grading thus draining water towards the foundation walls leading to seepage into the basement.
  1. Importance of Hiring a Consultant

Dealing with a leak in a humid basement in Roswell GA 30075 might seem like another DIY project to tinker with on a weekend. Well, you are wrong because this is a labor intensive project that calls for the right skills and tools. Your contractor will diagnose the cause of the leak and correct it effectively.

Remedying a Humid Basement in Roswell GA 30075

Once you have noticed leaks or mold, you need to immediately call in a foundation contractor to advise you on the next course of action. In the meantime, you put a dehumidifier in the basement though correcting the water leak once and for all is the wisest decision.

Some of the techniques used by these experts include waterproofing the foundation using a membrane. This prevents any more seepage. In case of floor leakage, a sump pit will be installed to pump away underground water. Other methods include fixing the poor grading, installing a drain tile, clearing bushes along the wall and improving rain runoff away from the walls.

A humid basement in Roswell GA 30075 is a risk to your family and it is time you called in an expert to conclusively deal with the problem once and for all.