Extreme Cold Can Crack Your Atlanta Foundation

Cracks in Your Atlanta Foundation

Too much of anything is poisonous. This is also true for your foundation. Extreme cold is bad for your Atlanta foundation. It can result in the development of cracks in the foundation. Cracks in your foundation will mean that the integrity of the structure of your foundation is compromised. You will therefore have to spend money repairing your foundation once you notice cracks.

Reasons why your Atlanta foundation is cracking

When the temperature drops below freezing point, it will have a negative impact on your foundation.  It leads to the following four issues among others:

1. It will cause pipes to burst

Water expands when it freezes. Pipes containing frozen water will therefore be under a lot of pressure. The end result is that the pipes will burst. When the pipes burst water will leak out onto the soil that surrounds the foundation of the home. Increased water in the soil will result in expansion of the soil and increased pressure on the walls of the Atlanta foundation. The walls will therefore crack under the pressure.

2. Freezing of water in the ground

The ground around the foundation of the home contains water that can freeze under extremely cold temperatures. The water expands and pushes the soil around it. The pressure exerted by the expanding water will be exerted on the foundation wall resulting in cracks.

3. Increased moisture

Extreme cold results in the formation of ice and snow. These may accumulate near the foundation of the home. When the weather warms up, the snow and ice will melt, and the water will seep into the ground around the foundation. This will cause the soil to expand and exert pressure on the foundation walls.

4. Expansion and contraction

Changes in temperature will result in the building materials used for your foundation expanding and shrinking. This will result in superficial cracks. These are easy to deal with. However, if they are left unattended, they may result in much deeper cracks.

Warning signs of damage to your foundation

  • Cracks in bricks and building blocks of the foundation
  • Rotation of the walls
  • Separation of the doors and windows from the walls
  • Increasing difficulty in the opening and closing of doors. Doors may get stuck shut or not open or close properly.
  • Water leaking into the basement
  • Visible cracks in the floor
  • Bulging of basement walls

If you notice any of the signs above, contact a professional basement contractor. He will inspect the basement and provide you with the solutions for damage repair.