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Safety Tips to Take When Your Home Needs Foundation Leak Repair in Dunwoody GA 30346

Safety Tips For Foundation Leak Repair in Dunwoody GA 30346

There is nothing worse than walking down into your basement only to discover you have a water leakage. To you the leak is probably enormous and major concern. You do not want to lose personal items that you worked hard to purchase only to be destroyed by water. So, just what do you do in instances such as this one?

Stay Safe in Your Basement

First, try to locate the cause of the leak. But, be careful while moving around in your basement. Water on the floor is a hazard and a person can easily become shocked or electrocuted. Avoid touching any electric wires and wear rubber boots or shoes with rubber soles. If you must use a wet-dry vacuum make sure the outlets are completely dry.

foundation leak repair in Dunwoody GA 30346

Locate the Water Leak

No, you do not have to know exactly where the leak is coming from, but it is a good idea to have a general idea. Check to find out if the leak is coming from your water, bathroom pipes, or something deep within the foundation of your walls. If this is the case you just might need foundation leak repair in Dunwoody GA 30346. The specialist will want to know more about what to expect before coming to your home.

Call in the Professionals

There is no way around it, when you have a major leak, you need to call in the professionals. These individuals are trained to locate the problem and repair it in a timely matter. The best way to keep the problem from occurring again is to take preventative actions against future leaks.

Prevent Future Leaks

Take note of appliances that might cause problems in the future. Replace old water heaters before they become too old. Check washing machines hoses to see if they need replacing as well. At the first sign of cracking they should be replaced. Keep check on drain lines and pipes, especially during the winter months when pipes might freeze and burst. To find out more about protecting your home from water leaks contact us.