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Make Home Repairs Easier with Crawl Space Sealing in Smyrna GA 30080

If you’ve ever had a plumbing problem and tried to fix it yourself, chances are good that you ended up in the aptly-named crawl space of your house. These small spaces between the floor of your home and the ground offer (sort of) convenient access to things like pipes, duct work, and wiring. However, they…

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foundation damage in atlanta

Heavy Rains Cause Foundation Damage in Atlanta

Foundation Damage in Atlanta Foundation damage in Atlanta is very common, but not all of it is structurally significant. Minor cracks often occur in poured concrete foundation walls; mortar joints in masonry walls can also crack and deteriorate. This non-structural foundation damage is the kind that leads to basement seepage and usually can be quickly…

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sewer lines

Floor & Sewer Lines – Keep ’em Clean

Sewer Lines It’s important to remember that flood-proofing a home basement only has a few things in common with waterproofing large structures like apartment buildings, hotels, or parking lot garages. It’s true that both usually have floor drains that can be maintained by snaking a pipe with electrically-powered drain cleaning rooter machines. However, unplugging a…

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basement waterproofing in atlanta

Basement Waterproofing in Atlanta

The Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Atlanta Okay, let’s face it. Basement waterproofing in Atlanta isn’t the most glamorous of all home improvement services. It’s often overshadowed by it’s flashier granite counter top cousins, or out-shined by its ever popular older brother, roofing.

What To Do When You See Foundation Cracks In Cinder Block – Alpharetta, GA

At one point, cinder block was a popular material in homes. This type of material is much lighter than solid concrete and does provide good protection from the elements. However, cinder block also has many flaws of its own. Due to its delicate nature, it is very prone to cracking. Cracks in your cinder blocks…

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