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Sandy Springs, GA | Everdry Atlanta

Why Outdoor Drains Are Important | Sandy Springs, GA

Do you have a wet basement or a soggy yard? If so, you are in need of a French drain. French drain is a type of outdoor drainage that works well to protect home foundations. These drains work using the simple law of gravity. They provide water with the easiest possible route to flow. They therefore direct…

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basement waterproofing atlanta

The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Basement Waterproofing Atlanta

Basement Waterproofing Atlanta: Two Types There are two theories in the world of basement waterproofing Atlanta: fixing the problem from the inside or from the outside. The main difference between interior and exterior waterproofing is in the main concept. Exterior waterproofing blocks the water from coming inside. Interior waterproofing allows water in to divert it and manage it…

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diy waterproofing

Is DIY Waterproofing a Good Idea?

DIY Waterproofing: Yes or No? In most cases, the quick answer is no—do-it-yourself waterproofing is not a good idea. It is actually cringe-worthy in most situations. DIY waterproofing usually involves inexperienced and ill-prepared homeowners who do a patch work job with the wrong tools and the wrong materials. We have actually fixed some pretty ridiculous…

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