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3 Natural Causes of Foundation Cracks – Atlanta, GA

Many homeowners blame themselves whenever they notice foundation cracks around their home. While it’s true that there are some recommended ways to prevent these cracks, it’s not always possible to prevent them all. Many changes in the environment lead to foundation shifting. Here are some instances that may lead to structural damage in your home:…

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foundation failure in atlanta

Signs of Severe Foundation Failure in Atlanta

Foundation Failure in Atlanta It is safe to say the most important part of a house is the foundation. When there is a foundation failure in Atlanta, the whole house could collapse. There are many signs that your foundation is compromised. Here are a few signs that foundation repair is in your future. Foundation Cracks Not every foundation…

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foundation damage in atlanta

Heavy Rains Cause Foundation Damage in Atlanta

Foundation Damage in Atlanta Foundation damage in Atlanta is very common, but not all of it is structurally significant. Minor cracks often occur in poured concrete foundation walls; mortar joints in masonry walls can also crack and deteriorate. This non-structural foundation damage is the kind that leads to basement seepage and usually can be quickly…

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