What To Do About A Foundation Leak in Marietta GA 30006

When winter and fall roll around, there is a lot of snow and icy cold. Spring, on the other hand, brings a warmer weather that melts the snow and ice. All these weather changes build pools of water outside a home. In the event that the foundation of your home is faulty or there are cracks on the walls, then there is a likelihood that the water will infiltrate and collect inside the house.

A well-built foundation does more than hold a house above ground; it also helps keep moisture away, resists movement of the earth, and insulates against cold. A foundation leak in Marietta GA 30006 can cause some serious damage. It may result in mold growth and soaking of items inside the house. A remediation procedure is needed to help prevent further damage to the house.

How does water find its way through foundations?

Here are some of the possible causes of leaks in foundations:

  • Foundation leaks may be caused by poor workmanship, which includes nonporous backfills, insufficient compacting, and interruption of the cement pouring process. A nonporous backfill tends to hold more water, same way as a sponge, thereby increasing cracks on the foundation when soil expands and freezes.
  • Poor grading of patios, landscaping features, and tunnels may also contribute to leaks. Typically, outdoor features should direct water away from foundations. Weak and poorly designed downspouts may pool water near the foundations causing leaks.
  • In construction, footing drains are installed to help with the drainage, but they tend to fail prematurely due to invasion by roots and clogging with sediment. Footing drains that aren’t functioning can probably increase the chances of leaks.
  • Window wells are also a culprit of these leaks, especially when they lack proper drainage. The vapor condensation occurring on window surfaces causes droplets to collect in window wells. That water should be drained off from the window well to prevent it from reaching the foundation.

How can you prevent a foundation leak in Marietta GA 30006?

There are different ways to help prevent leaks. The solution to preventing foundation leakage is identifying the exact cause and determining the right remedying procedure. Waterproofing using an interior drainage system integrated with a sump pump can offer a long lasting solution to the problem.

An interior drain that feeds a sump pump can stop leaks by way of lowering hydrostatic pressure. There are other approaches of dealing with leaks such as use of encapsulation materials and surface coating. However, these techniques are deemed to fail because they try to fight hydrostatic pressure rather than harness its power to solve the problem. Exterior drainage can prevent a foundation leak by pumping out any water that is underneath the ground of a house.