Why You Need a Battery Backup Sump Pump in Times of Basement Flooding

Spring brings beautiful sunny days, blossoming flowers, and relief from the just ended, harsh, cold weather. But, something unexpected may be happening around your home. The rapid snowmelt, frequent rains, and swollen rivers are increasing the water table around the house. The ground water table rises, and crawlspace and basements start soaking in water.

In only a couple of hours, you have water standing inches high in your basement, and the result is ruined household items, rust on metal fixtures, rotting of wooden furniture, and damaged mechanical systems. This isn’t a mess you are prepared to handle, but a functioning battery backup sump pump is what you need to avert this kind of damage should the main pump fail.

What may cause a failed sump pump?

A number of situations can occur that will make the main pumping unit inoperable. The common ones are an unexpected power outage, a float switch that is stuck, a main pumping unit that seizes up, or too much water for a main pump to drain. Whenever one or more of these situations occur, you may be left in a very difficult situation. It becomes a tall order to contain the water coming into your basement or crawlspace.

Why a battery backup sump pump is significant equipment in your home

Homes that experience even slight infiltration of water in crawlspace or basement areas should be fitted with sump pumps. A sump pump drains the water collecting underground in the basement, or crawlspaces, and directs it to a designated drainage away from the foundation wall.

However, these pumps come in different types, the common ones being generator powered, water powered backup, a combination, and the standard battery backup pumps. In the event that you have an electric pump, it may fail due to unforeseeable reasons, such as a frozen discharge pipe, and the result is a flooded basement.

Water can flow in pretty fast, and by the time you realize, the entire basement is flooded. A battery powered backup sump pump is a saver when it comes to flooding emergencies. Sump pumps can fail at the least expected time when you really need to drain water to avert damage to property and growth of mold.

Majority of the situations that lead to sump pump failure are unpredictable and could occur in times of high flooding or heavy rainfall. In case the main pumping unit fails, you better have a battery backup sump pump. It will save you from costly damages and frustrations of staying in a flooded house.