Mold Removal: How One Call Can Keep Your Family Safe

Mold, specifically black mold, is something that should strike a chord of fear in the hearts of property owners. While humans are exposed to different types of mold on a daily basis, when mold is found in your home, it can be more than just a nuisance; it is a potentially deadly problem that needs to be remedied immediately. This is why Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta takes mold removal and remediation services seriously.

There are many types of hazardous mold, but the five most hazardous types flourish in environments that are damp and warm. Sound like a familiar nook in your home? Yep, that’s right; your basement. If you have even a tiny crack in your foundation or a little cellar leak, the residual water build-up gives the mold just the right amount of nourishment it needs to continue to grow in a temperature controlled environment. Fixing the leak is the first step, of course, but mold removal is essential as exposure to mold causes many nasty side effects, side effects that are not only bothersome for adults, but could also be potential fatal for small children and pets. Some of the devastating health problems that arise from mold infestations include:

  • Respiratory Issues
  • Female Reproductive Problems
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Kidney and Liver Infections
  • Chronic Fatigue

These are just a few of the hundreds of health issues that can arise from mold infestations in your dwelling. If you suspect that your home has mold, contact us, Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta. Not only do we offer basement mold removal services, we can also fix the problem that is causing the mold manifestation. Mold removal and remediation can be frightening and is very serious, but Everdry Basement Waterproofing Atlanta can keep you and your loved ones safe.