3 Signs of Bowing Basement Walls and How To Fix The Issue, Atlanta, GA

3 Signs of Bowing Basement Walls and How To Fix The Issue, Atlanta, GA

Bowed basement walls are a major problem in a building because they indicate that the house has notable structural damage. Most of the time, bowed basement walls occur due to a high amount of high hydrostatic pressure.

The pressure results when the soil around the foundation of your house becomes water-logged. The soil then expands and exerts pressure against the foundation or basement walls.

Pressure against the basement walls can also be caused by large tree roots as they grow near the foundation or frost heaving. Since it is not always easy to tell whether a basement wall is bowing, you need to be on the lookout for any signs of the problem. Here are some cardinal signs of bowed basement walls and how to fix the problem.bowed-basement-walls-atlanta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-1

  1. Stair Step or Horizontal Cracking Along the Basement Wall

When too much pressure is exerted laterally on the basement walls, the walls will start developing horizontal or stair-step cracks or a combination of these cracks. When you see such cracks, you need to call a foundation repair contractor immediately because the cracks can lead to severe structural damage.

  1. Diagonal Cracking at Corners of the Foundation

Diagonal cracking at corners of the foundation or other sections of the basement walls indicates that the foundation is settling non-uniformly. If left unrepaired, the cracks can grow bigger and allow seepage of water into the basement, which will cause even more damage.

  1. Basement Walls Bulging or Curving Inwards

Basement walls that bulge or bend inwards are clear of bowing. By the time you can clearly see that your basement’s walls have bowed, the problem may have persisted for some time. Bowing of the basement walls is often associated with horizontal cracks, so you should consult a professional contractor immediately when you spot this sign.bowed-basement-walls-atlanta-ga-everdry-basement-waterproofing-atlanta-2

How a Basement Repair Contractor Will Help You Fix the Problem

As noted above, bowed basement walls are a major concern since they indicate that a building has a structural problem. Therefore, you should not attempt to fix the problem on your own; always consult a professional basement wall repair company.

After inspecting your basement, a repair company will use any of the following methods to repair bowed basement walls.

  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is renowned for its high tensile strength and stiffness. So it can be used to support walls and stop further curving.
  • Wall anchors: Wall anchors balance the weight of a wall so that it does not bend further.
  • Wall bracing: Steel structures are used to reinforce a bowing wall.

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