Concrete Block Foundation Repair – Crack Repair – Acworth, GA

Foundation Repair

One of the most common reasons that homeowners call contractors for foundation repair is cracking. Cracks can be a great source of concern especially in concrete block foundations. The cracking may be the result of hydrostatic pressure, deteriorating tree roots, shifting soils and many other reasons. Regardless of the cause, it is important to catch these problems early and attend to them.

Effective repair of cracks

The best way to ensure effective foundation repair is to get in touch with a professional contractor with experience and skill in repairing foundations. It is also important to have some background knowledge in how foundations are repaired in order to ensure that the job is done right. The following are some steps taken in repairing cracks for the best results:

  1. Surface preparation

This should be done to ensure that the area being repaired is clean and that the solution applied will adhere for longer. The area will be brushed with a wire brush to remove any loosened material. Professional contractors also apply a high pressure spray on the area to be fixed in order to remove fine material that could be in the crack.

  1. Repair smaller cracks

Many people ignore small hairline cracks and concentrate on the repair of larger cracks that they deem more urgent. However, the small cracks eventually become larger cracks that also require repair. It is wise to repair small cracks as they form.

The cracks should be filled with caulk or the contractor’s choice of cement.

  1. Repair of larger cracks

The method used to fill the larger cracks will depend on the size of the cracks. The contractor will determine the best material and method based on the size and location of the cracks. The choice of the material used to fill the cracks will also be influenced by whether the crack is leaking or not at the time of the repair.

  1. Sealing the repairs

A sealant should be applied for best results. This sealant will help prevent moisture from penetrating to the surface of the concrete foundation. It should be applied when the materials used to patch the cracks have dried completely.

It is important to note that effective foundation repair involves seeking the root cause of the leaking and dealing with it before undertaking crack repair. A professional contractor will begin the repair with an inspection of your home to establish the root cause of the cracking in your foundation.