Buying a Home with a Cracked Foundation in Acworth GA

Cracked Foundation in Acworth GA

So, you’ve found the perfect house. The one that you’ve been dreaming of since you determined that you want to be a homeowner. There’s only one problem: It has a cracked foundation. Should you go ahead and buy it? How can you determine just how bad the damage is? Is it worth investing in?

Why it May be Good to Buy…

For many people, a cracked foundation would be a deal breaker. However, there are some benefits to going ahead and purchasing such as home. In many cases, you will be able to get a great deal on a home with signs of foundation problems. This reduced cost of purchase will allow you to save money for repairing the foundation.

If you get a professional contractor to carry out the repairs on your foundation, you can ensure that the home is even more stable than ever.

Identifying a foundation that has had previous repairs

It is sad that some realtors will hide the fact that a home has had previous repairs. However, you can ensure that the foundation is in good condition by having the home inspected before you make a purchase.

It is important not to hire an inspector that your real estate agent has referred you to. The inspector may be in a deal with the realtor. You could end up the worse for it. Search instead for an independent inspector.

Even if you find out that the home has had foundation repair done previously, it is important to find out which company carried out the repair work. Search for information on their warranty. Some contractors provide a lifetime warranty for their work or limited warranties for the systems used to repair the foundation. You may be eligible to claim for more work to be carried out on the foundation based on your warranty.

Other tips

Many buyers will ask the current homeowner to repair the problems. This is only asking for trouble. Some sellers will do a patch job in order to complete the job quickly and get their money as soon as possible. It is always best to do the repairs yourself.

Don’t believe everything that your realtor tells you. Simply have the home inspected by an independent inspector to find out the truth about the state of the foundation.

With the help of a professional foundation repair contractor, you can have your dream home and ensure that its foundation issues are nothing to worry about.