First Signs of a Leaky Basement in Atlanta

Leaky Basement in Atlanta

Leaks in the basement can result in very serious problems. If your basement is leaking, it is likely to develop problems that will be more expensive and difficult to deal with. A leaky basement in Atlanta can affect your entire home.

It is important to ensure that you get your basement fixed as soon as possible if you want to avoid damage to your home’s foundation. Fixing a leaky basement will also help you prevent the growth of mildew and mold which can cause serious health problems such as asthma.

Leaky Basements in Atlanta may be caused by:

  • Moisture in the ground seeping through your foundation walls and basement floors
  • Water leaking into your basement as a result of problems with your gutters. The gutters may be clogged or poorly installed. The result would be water being directed towards the foundation instead of away from the foundation.
  • Disconnected downspouts
  • Poor landscaping. If the ground slopes towards the foundation, water will flow towards the foundation and leak into the basement.
  • Condensation from water pipes and other fixtures

5 Signs That You Have a Leaky Basement in Atlanta

It is important to catch leaks in the basement before they become serious. Leaks are easier to deal with in their development stages. The following are the first signs that your basement is leaking:

1. Odor:

Do you have a musty or dump smell in your basement? It is likely that there is a leak or excessive moisture in the basement.

2. Staining:

Can you spot water stains on the walls or floor of your basement? This is a sure sign of a leak.

3. Spalling:

Are there salt deposits on the floor or walls of your basement? Spalling occurs when the water evaporates and leaves salt deposits behind and the surface on which the salt is deposited begins to peel away or come off.

4. Efflorescence:

Do you see any deposits of salt on the walls of your basement? The appearance of gray or white deposits on the walls that sparkle is a sign that there is a leak in your basement. These salt deposits occur when water passing through the walls of the basement dissolves salts in the stone. When the water evaporates from the surface of the wall, the salt is left behind to form efflorescence.

5. Mold:

The occurrence of mold is a sure sign of a leak or increased levels of moisture in your basement.

Contact a professional contractor for a detailed inspection as soon as you notice any of the above signs.