Foundation Failure | Atlanta, GA

Foundation Failure | Atlanta, GA

It is safe to say the most important part of a house is the foundation. When there is a foundation failure in Atlanta, the whole house could collapse. There are many signs that your foundation is compromised.

Here are a few signs that foundation repair is in your future.

Foundation Cracks

Not every foundation crack is a sure sign your foundation is moving. Nonstructural cracks are still a nuisance that lets in water, insects and harmful soil gases. Vertical cracks and cracks on adjacent walls are a sign of foundation issues. Wide cracks or cracks that widen and shrink are also signs of foundation problems. It is a good idea to check on any foundation crack. If it is nonstructural still get it fixed to avoid the problem getting worse. Nonstructural cracks are still a sign of a weakened foundation and left alone could result in a structural issue down the road. What starts out as nonstructural cracks, with a little hydrostatic pressure, it can turn for the worse.

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Block Wall Foundation Cracks and Bows

Most foundation cracks happen in poured concrete walls. But concrete block walls have their fair share of problems too. Stair step cracks and cracks in the grout lines can also be signs of foundation failure or the start of a foundation problem.

When a block wall starts to bow inward, it is also a bad sign. Ignoring a bowing block foundation wall will result in a foundation collapse. Left alone long enough, it is bound to happen.

Uneven Floors

An uneven concrete slab floor in the basement is also a sign of foundation failure in Atlanta. It means the foundation is sinking or settling. Uneven floors or slanted floors upstairs can also be a sign of an unstable foundation.

Cracks Upstairs

Another sure sign of foundation issues are cracks in the walls and ceiling upstairs. Chimney cracks and cracks in the upstairs walls, inside or out is not a good sign. It is usually a sign of severe foundation failure in Atlanta.

Sticking Doors and Windows

When the doors and windows upstairs start sticking, it could be another sign that the foundation is moving and unstable. The original construction may have been plumb, but when the foundation starts shifting even the best carpentry jobs go south.

Cracks in Baseboards

Same goes for the baseboards and trim work. If you suddenly see cracks in the baseboards, it may be a sign of foundation problems.

If you see one or more of these signs, call a professional foundation repair contractor. It is better to get things checked out and it be nothing than to be inadvertently ignore severe foundation failure.