What You Should Know about Foundation Repair with Carbon Fiber

Foundation Repair with Carbon Fiber

Are you facing problems with your foundation? Is your foundation cracked, bowing or shifting? It is important to contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as you notice signs of failure in your foundation. It is also a good idea to learn more about the different solutions available for the repair of foundations.

Carbon fiber is becoming a popular choice for the repair of failing foundation walls. This is because the material is not only light in weight and easy to use, but also because it is one of the strongest materials available in the market. Carbon fiber is much stronger than steel and will last unchanged for many years to come.

The following are some top tips for using carbon fiber for foundation repair:

  • It is the best solution for block walls

If you have a block wall foundation that is bowing, carbon fiber would be your best solution. It can be installed inside the wall to provide extra support to the wall and prevent further movement. This reduces the complications involved in repairing block foundations.

  • It is a great alternative for steel beams in finished basements

The installation of steel beams to anchor walls was once thought of as the best way to provide support to bowing walls and prevent further movement. These beams are installed on the inside of the wall. However, if you’re planning to finish your basement, these beams can be an eye sore. They occupy a lot of room and cannot be painted over to improve their visual appeal.

Carbon fiber is a discreet solution. The strips or plates can be installed in the wall and painted over to become invisible. They are easy to conceal, therefore allowing you more options for finishing your basement.

  • Should only be installed by certified and experienced professionals

There are many DIY kits in the market that make homeowners believe that this foundation repair solution is easy to install. However, there is much more to their installation that isn’t included in the instructions of the kits. Every foundation is unique. Carbon fiber systems should be installed to meet the unique requirements of the foundation. This can only be determined through technical knowledge and experience, which a professional contractor will have. If you attempt to install the strips yourself, you may cause even more damage that will cost much more to repair.

Carbon fiber is a great solution for foundation repair. Be sure to contact a certified and experienced contractor for the best results.