The Most Popular Professional Foundation Repair Systems for Bowing Walls

Foundation Repair

Are you in need of foundation repair for a bowing foundation wall? You’re not alone. According to the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA), more than half of the repairs done on residential foundations were for bowing foundations. According to the National Realtors Association, bowed foundations can reduce the value of a home by more than 50%.

Bowed foundation walls are a serious problem. They can cause serious structural damage by causing stress to the frame of the structure of your home, water leakages, damage to electrical and plumbing lines as well as overall property destruction.

The bowing of foundation walls results from increased lateral pressure against the wall. This pressure may be a result of the weight of soil against the wall, increased hydrostatic pressure, poor construction or the expansion of soil amongst many other things.

Repairing bowed walls often requires excavation to relieve the pressure against the wall. However, the wall will still need to be reinforced. There are various solutions that professionals can apply to help strengthen your wall.

  1. Carbon fiber strips or sheets

This has been cited time and time again as being the most effective system for foundation repair. The installation is quick and easy. You can have your bowed walls repaired within a few hours and without the inconvenience of having countless feet trooping in and out of your home.

Carbon fiber strips and sheets are stronger than any of the other systems used to repair bowed foundation walls. They are 10 times as strong a steel beams and more flexible. They can be installed practically anywhere and require no maintenance.

  1. Steel braces

This is a system that has been in use for several years. It involves the use of steel braces to halt the movement of the wall permanently. Holes are drilled into the wall and braces are fitted into them. This can be done without the need for extensive excavation.

Unlike carbon fiber strips, steel braces require some maintenance. Regular tightening is required to get the wall back to its original position.

  1. Anchors

Anchors are quickly becoming a top choice for foundation repair. Repair involves using anchors with helical blades to support the foundation of the home. They are a permanent solution for the stabilization of a foundation.

It is important to discuss your needs with a professional. This will ensure that you are able to apply a solution that meets your specific needs.