Mudjacking in Atlanta GA

Mudjacking in Atlanta GA – An Inexpensive Solution for Settling Foundations

Is your foundation settling? Are you looking for an inexpensive solution to the problem? Mudjacking is a great and inexpensive way to solve this problem. It involves the lifting of the concrete foundation and adding support to it. It is used to stabilize concrete foundations that are settling or sinking.

Why settling occurs

There are various situations in which settling can occur. Some of the most common factors that cause settling include:

  • Shrinking of surrounding soil

When the weather is hot and dry, soil loses moisture. The result is shrinking of the soil. When the soil beneath the concrete slab dries and shrinks it leaves a space between the soil and the slab causing the slab to sink. Interior walls settle as a result. This leads to the formation foundation and drywall cracks.

  • Leaky plumbing

Houses with concrete slab foundations often have plumbing lines running beneath the slab. When these pipes leak, they can cause the soil under the slab to be washed away. This causes the slab to sink.

  • Roots of surrounding vegetation

Settling may also be caused by the trees and shrubs that grow around your home. As the root system of the vegetation around the house continues to expand, it causes the soil under the foundation to shrink due to dehydration. This results in sinking of the foundation.

  • Poor soil compaction

Compaction of the soil is important when building a foundation. If this is not done properly then the slab may crack or settle.

  • Fluctuating soil moisture content

Fluctuations in the moisture levels in the soil under the foundation can result in settling. This occurs as the soil’s ability to support the foundation is weakened.

How mudjacking helps

The process of mudjacking involves the drilling of holes in the concrete. Slurry of cement, water, sand and soil is then pumped or injected through the holes. This lifts the concrete slab. The process is noninvasive and is not labor intensive. A professional and experienced team is able to provide this service without damaging your landscape or property.

The mixture injected to lift the slab will depend on the contractor you choose. Advances in technology have made it possible to use a wide range of materials including high-density foams that expand after injection.

This is one of the most cost-effective solutions for a settling basement. Discuss your options with your contractor and determine which is best for your particular situation.