The Environmentally Friendly Option – Mudjacking in Acworth GA

Mudjacking in Acworth GA

More people are becoming concerned about their impact on the environment. This has come in light of climate change and its effects. As more people discover that they play a role in ensuring the health of the environment, people are changing their habits and making choices that promote the wellbeing of the environment.

The construction industry has in the past been notorious for the destruction of the environment. However, many things have changed over the years. Environmentally friendly techniques and technologies have allowed for the industry to coexist with and even enhance the environment.

To replace or raise your concrete surface

When you’re faced with a sinking concrete surface, you will have the option of raising it or completely replacing it. Mudjacking is the process through which a concrete surface can be made level. This technique is applicable to sinking or misaligned surfaces such as sidewalks, floors, walkways, driveways and many more.

The process effectively brings the concrete slab back to its original level. The void beneath the slab is then filled with concrete or other materials to ensure that the slab maintains this level.

The lifting of the slab is achieved by drilling small holes into the slab of concrete. A mixture of concrete or other such material is then pumped into the holes. This mixture results in the lifting of the slab by forcing air pockets and water out from below the slab. The slab is then forced upward by the pressure of the mixture. The process achieves the lifting of the slab with minimal impact on the surrounding landscape.

The environmentally friendly way

Mudjacking is a great way to recover your concrete surface while reducing your impact on the environment. Many professionals rely on environmentally safe products instead of concrete to lift the concrete slab. Even when concrete is used, the amount used lifting the slab is much less than that which would have been required for the replacement of the entire slab.

This method of lifting a concrete slab also helps homeowners save money. Many people save up to 75% on replacing the concrete surface by opting to lift it instead. The results are just as good as they would have been if you had replaced the slab. It also takes much less time than having to replace the surface.

If you’ve noticed that your driveway, walkway or other concrete slabs are uneven, consider contacting a professional for concrete raising.