Mujacking Your Sinking Foundation | Acworth, GA


One of the most unsettling problems homeowners have to deal with is a sinking concrete slab. In fact, the problem extends to driveways and not only the foundations. As a homeowner you appreciate that this is your most treasured investment and without doubt you love maintaining it in tiptop condition.

As a business owner, you would not like your customers to start complaining about your uneven slabs; it doesn’t give the right impression. This is where mudjacking comes in handy. This is a technique where a sunken concrete slab is lifted by injecting grout through the slab. If you are a property owner agonizing over the state of your concrete slabs, it is imperative to get an idea of how this process can help.

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Mudjacking Simplified
This construction technique dates back to the 1900s. Contractors back then would mix concrete with local soils and this is where the technique got its name. Today the process is also called slab jacking. The technical process is carried out by a qualified foundation contractor. Using hydraulic equipment, the concrete grout is injected below the concrete slab. The grout passes through holes that have been earlier drilled.

The grout commonly consists of sand, bentonite and Portland cement. Polyurethane foam is also used because it expands making the process more effective. As the grout is continuously injected through the holes, it hydraulically lifts your concrete slab back into its initial position.

The Benefits of Slabjacking
While there are other techniques of repairing sunken concrete, it is important to appreciate the cutting-edge mudjacking offers you. Take a look at some of these advantages:

Flexibility: This construction solution is ideal to repair sunken foundations, patios, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, outdoor stairs and any poured concrete slab. This means the process is applicable for any concrete slab problems you are having.
Cost-effectiveness: If you have a sunken slab, you can remove it entirely and replace it with a new slab. This is very costly, which makes slab jacking more cost-effective. The process is also more convenient and can be done in a few hours and without ruining your landscaping.
Effectiveness: The process is foolproof and it is no wonder most foundation contractors recommend it. A sunken slab indicates there has been soil settling, meaning a void has been created. Once the injection starts, this void will be filled and the extra grout will start raising the slab to its original position.
If you are worried about the state of your concrete slab, it is time to call in a foundation contractor. These experts inspect the structure and provide a free estimate for the project. Whatever you do, remember concrete problems are better repaired early to avoid costly future structural repairs.