Considering DIY Basement Waterproofing in Alpharetta GA? Stop for a Minute!


DIY Basement Waterproofing in Alpharetta GA Now that you have built your dream home, need you worry anymore? The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) says there is so much more to worry about due to foundation perils. Maintaining a concrete foundation should always be at the top of your head because over 60% of new […]

Is DIY Waterproofing a Good Idea?

diy waterproofing

DIY Waterproofing: Yes or No? In most cases, the quick answer is no—do-it-yourself waterproofing is not a good idea. It is actually cringe-worthy in most situations. DIY waterproofing usually involves inexperienced and ill-prepared homeowners who do a patch work job with the wrong tools and the wrong materials. We have actually fixed some pretty ridiculous […]