The StablWall System: Why this the Ultimate Solution in Foundation Repair in Acworth GA

Foundation Repair in Acworth GA

Foundation cracks are the worst nightmare a homeowner can experience. However, the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) says over 60% of new homes experience such problems within the first 7 years. There are many causes of foundation damage including age, poor construction, settling of the house, water issues among others. Whatever the cause of foundation damage, it is important for foundation repair to start immediately.

Risk of Foundation Damage

The danger of leaving your foundation walls unattended cannot be ignored. Due to their location, these walls are prone to water pressure and if there are cracks, water will eventually find its way into your home. During floods, your walls will offer little resistance and when water finds its way into the house, you have to grapple with property damage.

Worse still, the integrity of the entire structure will be compromised when water seeps through the foundation walls. The wooden joists and metal fasteners used to strengthen the structure will suffer damage and your precious investment will be standing precariously.

Water entry into your basement also leads to toxic mold growth inside your home, which causes respiratory health problems. For these reasons, foundation repairs need to start immediately your contractor inspects and identifies any form of damage. The Stabl-Wall™ system has emerged as the most innovative solution to cracking on foundation walls and as a homeowner, it is imperative to get more insight into the new technology.

The Stabl-Wall™ System in Details

There are many solutions to foundation cracks, but Stabl-Wall™ system is now the most popular choice with foundation contractors for many good reasons. This system consists of space-age technology borrowed from the aviation industry. The unique polymer wall bracing system uses carbon fiber sheets that are fixed on the walls using a special epoxy to provide permanent solution to cracking.

Carbon fiber has been used in many industries and it is only recently that its use in commercial construction has been embraced. There are many reasons to use Stabl-Wall™ system for your foundation repair. Take a look:

  1. Simple installation: No excavation is required and installation is simple.
  2. High efficiency levels: The specially engineered epoxies hold the carbon fiber sheets permanently on the wall thus protecting against any further movement of the walls.
  3. Strength: Carbon fiber has been found to be 10X stronger than steel and it provides the best solution to foundation cracking. Once fully bonded, your foundation walls become stronger and you don’t have to worry about further damage.
  4. More coverage: Unlike epoxy sealing for cracked walls, carbon fiber sheets are large and they cover a wider space providing more strength to your property.

Talk to your foundation contractor and find more about this ingenious foundation repair technology.