Why Your Wall is Still Bowing Even after Basement Waterproofing | Atlanta, GA

When your wall begins to show signs of water damage, investing in professional basement waterproofing services is the best thing you can do. These services will ensure that your basement is protected from flooding and the structure of your home from further damage.

There are many different waterproofing systems available. Interior drain systems are a major part of interior waterproofing systems. They are a cost effective solution to keeping your basement dry. They are also less invasive and labor-intensive than exterior waterproofing.

Interior drainage systems work by allowing the water in the soil surrounding the foundation wall to drain away from the wall. The water is guided by the drainage system into a well. A sump pump in the well then pumps the water out of the well and into a drainage system located outside the home.

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Why your wall is still bowing

If you’ve invested in interior basement waterproofing, you may still see some signs of inward bowing of your wall such as horizontal cracking. This is especially common in block foundation walls. This is because an interior waterproofing system may help to reduce the chances of flooding but won’t completely eliminate the hydrostatic pressure acting against the walls.

The same pressure that resulted in the leaking in the first place has only been reduced enough to stop the leaking. However, it is still acting against the exterior of the walls. There are various other issues that you would need to address in order to solve the high pressure problem.

Effective waterproofing

In order for an interior basement waterproofing system to be effective, you need to get to the root cause of the building hydrostatic pressure and resolve it. This often means inspecting the entire property to identify factors that are possibly contributing to the increased hydrostatic pressure.

Some factors that may be contributing to the accumulation of moisture against the basement walls include:

  • Clogged gutters
  • Leaking gutters
  • Downspouts draining too close to the foundation walls
  • The landscape sloping towards the foundation
  • Snow being allowed to pile near the foundation of the home
  • Leaking plumbing

Whatever the cause, it is important to hire a professional who can inspect your home and identify it. This will ensure that solutions are provided that address these issues in addition to the interior waterproofing system. This will make your investment in waterproofing effective for a long time to come.


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