Basement Wall Cracks: Repair Methods You Should and Shouldn’t Use Acworth, GA

When you see basement wall cracks, you most likely want to fix them right away. You will especially want to do so if the cracks are large, or if they are horizontal, as that may be a sign of major structural damage. Here are some ways in which professionals can repair basement wall cracks and why you should or shouldn’t use them.

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  1. Temporary fixes

These methods are generally not recommended as a permanent solution as they wear out over time. They are good options when you need a quick temporary fix before repairing your basement wall cracks.

  • Caulk crack repair: This simple method takes caulk and plugs it into the crack to fill the space. It is a good way to temporarily fill in cracks that are smaller to prevent water from entering basement.
  • Hydraulic cement crack fillings: With this method, contractors chisel an inverted-V groove into the basement wall cracks. It is then filled with rigid, hydraulic cement to plug the hole. The bond with the cement is not always strong, so this is should only be used as a temporary method.
  • Epoxy crack injections: The epoxy seals are a much stronger and rigid method of repairing basement wall cracks. This method must be applied on a dry surface. Since it is rigid, if the concrete in the basement walls expands or contracts over time, the plug can fall out.
  1. More permanent fixes

These permanent repair methods are a better way to fix most basement wall cracks.

  • Polyurethane polymer: Using a high-viscosity polyurethane polymer is one of the best ways of sealing basement wall cracks. This is stronger and more durable than an epoxy, and it can be applied even if the wall is wet. The polymer can expand and contract with the wall, so you don’t have to worry about further cracks.
  • Urethane sealing: While not as strong as polyurethane polymer, this is better able to expand and shrink than an epoxy. It has a maximum expansion limit, so it is not useful on wide cracks.

A well-qualified contractor who specializes in basement wall cracks is the best person to go to when deciding on the method you should use. Homeowners should consider using a more permanent method as the results will be long-lasting. Even though the upfront cost may be higher, it will save you money and time in the long run.

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